Making more of your outdoor living

Making more of your outdoor living

There is something special about being able to extend your home lifestyle with the best in outdoor living.

The good news is that there are a number of different ways to create and enhance an outdoor living area and that it doesn’t need to cost the earth to do it.

Having this extended theme running through your home and into the exteriors can give you a sense of continuity that has more benefits than just simple aesthetics.

Along with the ability to add your own touch of flair and style, you also get the chance to enjoy and make use of a larger portion of your home.

Why outdoor living is important

Enjoying your outdoor areas is an important part of your well-being and ability to reconnect with nature.

The personal benefits of using your outdoor living areas and garden include:

– Giving you a chance to destress

– Lowering your heart rate and blood pressure

– Boost your health

– Clears your mind, which helps you to focus on things better

– Enjoy the fresh air and the effects of relaxing in the sunshine

It is crucial for our well-being that we are outdoors for a significant period of time throughout the day. Being indoors for prolonged periods without fresh air and sunlight can have serious consequences for someone’s mental and physical health. 

How can you make more of your outdoor living and improve your lifestyle in the process?

Getting more life out of your home

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It is a problem with many homes that there are areas that don’t get used as much as they could. This can be because of the layout of the space, a poor design of the furnishings or that the area has been neglected.

If an area of your home is uninviting or hasn’t been used for a long period of time, it is often dismissed as unusable space. This can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This happens on a regular basis with outdoor areas of your home. There are typically certain parts of the garden that are either forgotten, ignored or stacked with items of hard waste or things that cannot be easily stored in a shed or inside the house.

With a simple redesign or redecorating of your garden and exterior areas, you can enjoy the best of outdoor living.  

Looking for ideas for the look of your home

There are many ways that you can improve your living areas, and that will enhance your way of life.

One of the best ways to make more of your outdoor living is to consider how you can clear things to increase space and give the appearance of a stronger flow of energy. 

An effective way to do this is to utilise some of the styles of your interior and bring that feel and look to your exterior.

Moving your outdoor furniture and making a focal point of a particular feature has the ability to bring your home an extra drawcard.

Making the area as comfortable as possible and highlighting the natural elements gives the home a connection to the natural environment. This means a stronger sense of belonging and a better ability to relax and unwind.

The ongoing benefits of rejuvenating your outdoors

There are many pros to making changes to your outdoor living area. The key is that it needs to be an area which you use on a regular basis.

Having that area as a haven with comfortable seating, plants and decorative effects which have unity with the rest of your home’s styling.

If you have timber and woodwork throughout your home, then a timber feature wall can be a stunning way to showcase your sense of style.

There is no need to undertake major works in your garden area that require low loaders or the use of a bubble crane.

There are ways to add charm and character to your outdoor area without a huge expense or heavy workload.

With the addition of quality timber cladding, you can transform your external wall or walls with a wonderful look that brings an eye-catching appeal.

This means that your outdoor and entertaining area could be brought into a world of its own.

By utilising the areas that get both direct and indirect sunlight, you have the chance to create a space that is the ideal of comfort, inspiration and relaxation.

Something special for your own home

To have a unique outdoor area that suits your home, you need to keep in mind that the exterior space is a follow-on from the interiors.

Having different looks and contrasting styles can work in some instances, but it is often a clash that can give the impression that you don’t have any idea of cohesion.

One clear way to define a cohesive look and unique trait is to use similar tones of timber. This means you have the ‘throughline’ of the wood extending into the outdoor area as something specific, like your decking. 

This is when you need to protect and maintain the quality of that timber.

Using the best decking oil can bring up the special characteristics of the wood and its attributes. By simply using a quality product, oiling a deck gives you the ability to revitalise the decking itself and the whole area around it.

With the right ideas and a few clever touches, you can have an outdoor living area that is impressive and inspiring.

Enjoying all the benefits of home

It’s important to remember that your outdoor areas, such as the front and back yards are spaces that you can use to make more of your living.

Too often, we fall into the trap of thinking of the home as being confined to the area within the four walls of the house or apartment. 

It makes sense to utilise as much of the outdoors as you can. This is especially true when you consider the benefits of spending more time unwinding from the pressures of the day, breathing fresh air, rejuvenating in the natural light and being closer to nature.

With a few simple additions to your outdoor area and keeping it as comfortable and inviting as possible, you can spend hours of enjoyment for years to come.