Trends are forever changing, and the world of design styles is no exception. 

With every new year comes new ideas for bigger, better, more sophisticated, and more practical ways we can improve both the interior and exterior spaces of our homes. It’s simply the human condition to be constantly moving forward, and so too is it the human condition to want to follow trends. Not to worry, we have you covered with a number of fabulous styles the pros are expecting to see in 2023 – what better way to get ahead of the curve? Who doesn’t love being a trendsetter?


Let’s start with the inside of your home – a place you no doubt spend a substantial amount of your time. Spring may have come and gone, but the Christmas/January sales could prove summer as the best time to redesign or renovate as you bring in the new year. 

There’s the obvious number one, painting. No doubt you’ve heard it before that a lick of paint can completely change the vibes and standard of a room – spoiler alert, it’s true. When picking out colours for 2022 we saw many people lean towards more neutral colours and shades with plenty of greys. Our crystal balls (and all the expert interior designers Sydney has to offer) have suggested that for 2023 we should expect to see a lot of bright and brilliant colours along with lots of earthy shades of green. So, get yourself down to Bunnings and pick up some paint samples to see what works for you. The bolder the better they say! 

If, like many others, painting has become a little overdone or you’re looking for another way to spice up a room, then wallpaper might be exactly what you need. Highly valued for its creativity and limitless designs, wallpaper is set to continue its rise in popularity into the new year. This option is ideal for those of us that fancy a change a little more frequently or wants to bring a little extra je ne ce quoi to our home. 

With the rise in brilliant colours and patterned wallpaper, 2023 is also expected to see a reintroduction of the interior design style known as ‘Art Deco’ or ‘Arts Décoratifs’ (if you’re feeling the French). Think rich colours and intricately detailed including bold geometrics and similar patterns. Think lots of layering and seemingly mismatched items that fit together perfectly. Forget the simple two-seater/square sofa or your single-color fabrics, forget your minimalist placing of uniform, sophisticated furniture. 

The return of Art Deco will see jarring shapes and mystical patterns – think bright, jazzy and fun, with a generous dash of quirk. This style was at its peak between 1920-1940 – are we heading towards a repeat 100 years later? Who knows, but it best get in there now you’re a little trendsetter. 

Thanks to COVID-19 and the new hybrid workstyle it’s no wonder we’re expecting to see the number of permanent home offices skyrocket in 2023. You’ll no doubt remember when the pandemic first hit, many of us found a space in our bedroom or set up shop at the dining room table, that is all due to come to an end in the next year. 

Trends for purpose-built offices are expecting to see a lot of colourful walls. We’re going to see everything from a calming lavender purple to brilliant oranges and reds. We’re also likely to see a rise in installations of ergonomic desks paired with a mesh back office chair. Not only is this combination great to combat any back issues it’s also timeless. 

As many of our calls are taken over teams rather than big comfy meeting room chairs, 2023 design layouts will provide the perfect video call background wall. You too might see yourself saying goodbye to your blurry filter and hello to a sophisticated design ideal for any meeting. 


So, you’ve got your insides looking very fresh and trendy, it’s time to consider your outside areas. With summer already here and new year just around the corner, what better time to spruce up your outdoor area and garden? 

You’ve got your classics, they’ve not gone out of style yet, and they’re not expected to in 2023. Everyone loves a good decking area. It’s super stylish and very practical, the ideal place to host summer gatherings. Whatever you do, just don’t neglect the clear decking oil or deck sealer. Another tried and true favourite is your trusty BBQ – who doesn’t love a good summer snag with mates? 

Summer 2023 is gearing up to be a roaster, no one’s going to want to be in a hot kitchen through Jan. Invest in a goodie and you’ll be set for years, it’s well worth splashing a bit of cash if you can. 

Along with perfect BBQ weather, the new year is expecting to bring in loads more veggie gardens. Prices are on the rise and sustainability is all the rage (as it should be), so many garden style for 2023 will see planter pots filled with home grown food. Time to uncover your green thumb and show how much of a trend setter you are. 

In the spirit of sustainability, many Aussies are expected to fill their garden with bee friendly flowers. These also attract other insects which are important for the overall food chain and pollination of plants. 

Not only do flowers bring a colourful addition to your garden, but they can also be a great addition to your home – cut a few stems and pop them in some water. Nothing quite like home grown flowers on the table.

Garden furniture may not be something you think to replace, and fair play to you, it can be quite expensive. Ideally you want to opt for quality over quantity. It’s no surprise then that classic, durable designs are expected to be all the rage next year. This doesn’t need to mean boring; we’ll still see plenty of colours. 

To further the sustainability agenda, we’ll see a lot less single season materials and plenty of solid woods and bamboo. Bamboo is the ideal outdoor furniture material due to its quick growth and surprising durability. You’ll be shocked just how versatile this grassy plant can be, not to mention how comfy. 

By choosing the new design style ideas for 2023 that suit you best, you can have a rich and rewarding year ahead.

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